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Dune House Thorpeness

The Dune House is a stunning reinvention and reinterpretation of the English seaside dwelling. It is located on the southern edge of the village of Thorpeness, on the Suffolk coast.

The ground floor and first floor structures are constructed in reinforced concrete cantilevering across the core to support the Eurban cross laminated ply first floor structure.  The roof, clad in a lightly tinted orange stainless steel, reflects the changing colours of the sea and sky and the panoramic windows on the ground floor offer views of the sea, whilst giving the sense of the house being nestled in the dunes.

Each of the four double bedrooms has a bathtub in it, with windows carefully positioned so that one can lie in warm water and take in views of the North Sea and surrounding meadows. Separate shower and toilet facilities are attached to each room and there is a small library and roof terrace on this floor. The ground floor, with its living area, kitchen, terrace and further en-suite bedroom, is at once open to the landscape and yet protected from it by being set into the dunes. Sliding doors can be opened on the ground floor to give 360 degree views, a move which emphasizes the floating appearance of the upper floor.

Dune House Thorpeness
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